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Online Marketing-Open the Door to Visitors and Invite Them In To Stay A While

Online Marketing is simply the process by which you capture that web surfer and net browser, hold his attention and after educating him, convert that reader to a buyer of your goods and services.
Simple definition for online marketing but…. maybe not so simple

There are several core facts to keep in mind in online marketing:







Gently guide your reader to the end goal- the conversion.
The page setup or design in online marketing should direct the reader through the page to the purchase site.

Good Online Marketers will reassure your prospect by decreasing risks:





You have the landing page set up now. Great. But is it? Test it out!
Changing even one work on a page in Online Marketing can make the difference by a large percentage for your ROI. The only way to know which converts your user is to test it.
A/B split tests are fairly common in online marketing and give a good impression of which copy works best. Change one variable at a time, whether it is a design, word/sentence or color. Send out equal amounts of each and see which one gets a better response.
In addition to data collection, you need data analysis for online marketing. One such program is Google Analytics.
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